How to find a job in qatar without experience

This is most googling question in qatar by a new comer in qatar. Its too difficult to answer this question in simple words, because for every job posting we search daily is demanding this experience specially gulf experience. i dn’t know how a new comer in gulf countries have experience in gulf before. Anyway thats a nightmare for all job seekers. Lets try to find a solution for this from our experience in this gulf countries.

I have only few months experience in qatar so that i am not sure that i am able to guide you properly, but i will try my best to do that.

Recommendation is the major factor affecting a new comer in qatar. From my point of view there are some factors every company is being checked for every candidate.

Consider the first one, Educational qualification : if a candidate is having good educational qualification then he will be treated good. The next is that you should have some additional skills related to your education or related to the activities of the company. Consider a food company is hiring someone as brand co-ordinator, if he is skilled in digital marketing and eccommerce management for sure he will be selected without any experience. This is the thing usually working with everyone in gulf countries. All companies are looking for best candidates for there future development. This is just a small blog from my side to focus on what you have to plan to perform best in an interview to secure your job.

This is the one and only method proven to find a job in everywhere. Be confident and prove yourself with your skills. Impress by explaining your skills at the interview itself. If possible showcase your works infront of the interviewer.

Thank you.